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Bob Davies (Basketball)

Logan Ryan (Football)

Bud Palmer (Basketball)

Honey Russell (Basketball)

AJ Lee (Wrestling)

Bubba Baker (Football)

Hiram Woodruff
(Harness Racing)

Vonnie Gros (Field Hockey)

Kyrie Irving (Basketball)

Gene Hermanski (Baseball)

Jim Braddock (Boxing)

Monte Irvin (Baseball)

John Cox Stevens
(Horse Racing & Sailing)

Hazel Clark (Track & Field)

Rusty Saunders
(Basketball & Baseball)

Sonny Workman (Thoroughbred Racing)

Al Mamaux (Baseball)

Athlete of the Week!

Two-Sport Star

Frank Budd

(Asbury Park)

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Union City Diva

Love it or hate it, Pro Wrestling understands what it takes to draw fans and sell merchandise. It takes athletes like A.J. Lee, whose personal story is heartbreaking, uplifting and, frankly, reads like a made-for-WWE movie.

Click HERE to read AJ's exclusive bio...



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