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Tamba Hali (Football)

Glenwood Brown (Boxing)

Bobby Weaver (Wrestling)

Tom Kelly (Baseball)

Rob Segedin (Baseball)

Michelle Vizzuso
(Field Hockey & CrossFit)

Rachel Dawson (Field Hockey)

Jason Worilds (Football)

George Earnshaw (Baseball)

Allie Clark (Baseball)

Bryant McKinnie (Football)

Gene Olaff (Soccer)

John LoCascio (Lacrosse)

Rupe Mills
(Baseball & Football)

Greg Montgomery (Football)

Alex Reyes (Baseball)

George Low Jr. (Golf)

Jim Brown (Soccer)

Don Money (Baseball)

Athlete of the Week!

Olympic Gold Medalist

Laurie Hernandez

(Old Bridge)

HERE to read Laurie’s exclusive bio!



By George!

George Earnshaw, that is.
The Montclair pitching legend practically won the 1930 World Series by himself and later went on to whip Robin Roberts & the 1950 Whiz Kids into pennant-winning shape. In between, he was busy downing enemy torpedo planes in the Pacific.

HERE to read George's exclusive bio!



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