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Cleo Hill (Basketball)

Bruce Arians (Football)

Tony Vega
(Thoroughbred Racing)

Ruben Brown

Tony Siragusa (Football)

Shakur Stevenson (Boxing)

Juliette Atkinson (Tennis)

Mike Limongello (Bowling)

Donna Weinbrecht
(Freestyle Skiing)

Connor Jaeger (Swimming)

Tony Black (Horse Racing)

Joe Sulaitis (Football)

Frankie Edgar (MMA)

Molly Schaus (Hockey)

Athlete of the Week!

Golden Age Wrestling Star

Buddy “Nature Boy” Rogers


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And they’re off!

The history of horsemanship in the Garden State dates back to the early 1800s. Since then, NJ has been home to some of the top jockeys, drivers and riders in the world. Click HERE to read exclusive bios about the all-time greats.



They still play sports outside NJ. Check out 300 more athlete bios at



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