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Rick Porcello (Baseball)

Tony Siragusa (Football)

Shakur Stevenson (Boxing)

Blondie Purcell (Baseball)

Moose Farrell (Baseball)

Bill Haselman (Baseball)

Al McCoy (Boxing)

Togo Palazzi (Basketball)

Johnny Roosma (Basketball)

Raheem Brock (Football)

Drew Miller (Hockey)

Frankie Edgar (MMA)

Molly Schaus (Hockey)

Saskia Webber (Soccer)

Roshown McLeod (Basketball)

Gary Williams (Basketball)

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NFL Star

Gary Cuozzo

(Glen Ridge)

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Sweasy Does It...

The 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings were baseball's first (and only) undefeated team. They were also the first all-professional club in the sport's history. Their hard-hitting, hard-drinking second baseman—Charlie Sweasy—was one of the game's dominant sluggers. From the ballfields of Newark and Irvington he rocketed to national acclaim.

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