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Everett Mills

Sport: Baseball

Born: January 20, 1845

Died: June 22, 1908

Town: Newark

Everett Mills was born January 20, 1845 in Newark. He grew up in an era when baseball was taking off in the city. A tall, Handsome young man with big, soft hands, he was a natural at first base—although he began his playing career as a third baseman for the Newark Club in 1863. He joined the more competitive Eurekas in 1864. In 1868, Everett moved a few miles west to play for Irvington. His teammates included fellow Newarkers Andy Leonard and Charlie Sweasy, who were a year or two younger. He also played a handful of game for the New York Mutuals.

As one of the best players in the game, Everett was much in demand. He spent 1869 and 1870 with the Mutuals, one of the region’s top clubs. Leonard and Sweasy spent those years in Cincinnati with the Red Stockings, the first all-professional baseball team. In 1871, the National Association—the first pro league—began play. Everett played for the Washington Olympics, a powerhouse club that featured some of the era’s top talent, including Asa Brainard, Davy Force and George Hall.

In 1872 and 1873, Everett played for the Baltimore Canaries (named for their bright yellow socks), one of the league’s best teams. In 1873, he ranked among baseball’s most productive batters, batting .332 with 56 RBIs and 29 extra-base hits in fewer than 300 at bats. Everett also had the best fielding percentage among first basemen.

From 1874 to 1876, Everett suited up for the Hartford Dark Blues. Hartford finished in second place in 1876 as a member of the newly formed National League. Everett played two more years of pro ball, for independent clubs in the Midwest and New England. He returned to Newark after his playing days and was hired by the city to be Sergeant at Arms for the Newark quarters sessions court. He held this position until his death at 63 in 1908.


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