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EBanachCardRed Applegate

Prince Badi Ajamu

Abie Bain

Mike Ballerino

Ed Banach

Lou Banach

Warren Barbour

Bruce Baumgartner

Bam Bam Bigelow

Jim Braddock

Glenwood Brown

Johnny Buff

King Kong Bundy

Frankie Burns

Jordan BurroughsPComiskey1

Dorrian Caldwell

Chris Candido

Hurricane Carter

Terrance Cauthen

Red Cochrane

Pat Comiskey

Bobby Czyz

Billy Darnell

Frankie DePaula

Lou Duva

Frankie Edgar

Fireman Jim Flynn

Charlie FusariJeanette

Tony Galento

Arturo Gatti

Marvin Hagler

Steve Hamas

Swede Hanson

Kendall Holt

Joe Jeanette

Leavander Johnson

Tippy Larkin

AJ Lee

Gus Lesnevich

Rocky LockridgePaddyMcGuiganboxer2

Mike Mastrandrea

Al McCoy

Paddy McGuigan

George Mehnert

Vito Mielnicki

Jim Miller

Steve Mocco

Stanley Poreda

Percy Price

Dwight Muhammad Qawi

Buddy Rogers

Mike Rossman

Angelo Savoldi

Ernie Schaaf

BoxingCharlie Spina

Shakur Stevenson

Allie Stolz

Chief Jay Strongbow

Joe Walcott

Mickey Walker

Jack Warden

Bobby Weaver

Chuck Wepner

Ike Williams

Henry Wittenberg

Sid Youngelman


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